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Protecting electronic information and patient data is everyone's responsibility. BridgeFront offers six comprehensive courses on the most pertinent and requested topics, including Security Awareness Basics, How to be a Human Firewall, and Protecting PII. These courses are an integral part of any good compliance program. Each organization will also receive a free security newsletter, which you can send to your employees.

These courses are recommended for all personnel working in Covered Entities or Business Associates as a way to help secure your PHI. Pricing varies by organization type and number of employees. See a free online demonstration here.

Electronic Information Security

Training Syllabus

Security Awareness 101 - Our most frequently requested course that covers the Top Ten Security Awareness issues (40 minutes). A great introductory overview, this course introduces users to key concepts such as the Security Triads, the Top Ten Security Awareness issues facing users today, and more, as it builds cyber, physical, and human security into a coherent whole. These courses are a perfect introduction to a company-wide security awareness program or as a supplement to a year subscription of newsletters.

PII - Understand and Protecting Personally Identifiable Information (15 minutes). This course looks at how criminals use Personally Identifiable Information (PII), to commit cyber crimes (such as ID theft). This course focuses on understanding exactly what constitutes PII, the laws surrounding it, and most importantly, how to protect it.

Remote Worker and Business Traveler - This is the ideal session for your any employee in your organization that works from home or travels on business in their role (30 minutes). It offers valuable lessons on the following subjects: Wi-Fi, Bring Your Own Device, Laptop Security, Malware, and Phishing.

How to be a Human Firewall - Examines the 3 security domains in terms of what YOU can do as a Human Firewall (27 minutes). Learn how to be a Human Firewall in this informative and entertaining security awareness course. Covering a range of topics, including internal vs. external controls, email security, situational awareness, reporting the unusual, tailgating and badges, road apples (USB), cameras and video, phone messages, human detection and reporting, and many more tips and tricks to help keep your organization safe by turning employees into human firewall's.

Social Engineering - One of the most common non-technical kinds of intrusion that your employees need to know how to identify and prevent (35 minutes). This course looks at the practice of social engineering through videos of real demonstrations, examples in pop culture, and how it's used in emails. Types of social engineering discussed include classic con men, email scams, telephone pretexting, dumpster diving, and the "Good Samaritan Attack."

Mobile Security - Explores the three domains of security from the perspective of smart phones, tablets, and laptops (46 minutes). This course covers the many areas that encompass how we connect to each other, to our workplace, and to the cloud. We look at how the smart phone and tablet phenomenon are reshaping the way we conduct business, the steps we should take to protect our mobile data, and how we can secure all wireless connectivity. Most of the course deals with smart phones and tablets, but a small section is devoted to laptop security - both cyber and physical.

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