Saturday May 23, 2015
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HIPAA for Business Associates

Are You a Business Associate Under HIPAA?

According to HIPAA regulations, the definition of a Business Associate is any entity that uses or discloses protected health information (PHI) on behalf of a covered entity (e.g. a group health plan). Many requirements that affect Business Associates have changed since the ARRA and HITECH Act of 2009.

Staff Education for All Employees is Required by HIPAA

BridgeFront's HIPAA Training Meets 100% of Regulation Requirements

Free Business Associate Agreement: Now with every purchase of our online HIPAA training, receive free our HIPAA Business Associate Agreement template! Updated with the latest Omnibus Rule. Simple to modify for your organization.

Volume Discounts for Large Organizations

Ask about our volume discounts and optional customization benefits for large organizations and non-profits. Regulations require Business Associate staff to be trained on all HIPAA Privacy and Security regulations. Our eLearning courses and scenarios are written specifically for Business Associates.


"I found your site through a Bing search for business associate training. After close review of several site's information and offerings, it was clear that BridgeFront was our choice. Thank you for providing great products and excellent customer service; both can be rather rare despite the best human efforts."

HIPAA Certification & Risk Assessments by BridgeFront

Why does HIPAA certification matter? Once certified you'll be recognized by other organizations, partner companies and customers as committed to eliminating the risks associated with HIPAA Privacy and Security non-compliance.

Our consultants are experts in both HIPAA Privacy and Security regulations. Because of this experience, we can quickly assess your organization's level of compliance and then help you develop a plan to eliminate any risks encountered along the way.

About BridgeFront

BridgeFront is a leader in comprehensive auditing and risk assessment services, both remotely and at your location. We have conducted hundreds of audits over the past 10 years, and can be trusted to help with your compliance auditing efforts. Contact us to speak with one of our HIPAA consultants today. Contact us for more information.

HIPAA Business Associate
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